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RadiantPro™️ - V34 Colour Corrector 🔥

RadiantPro™️ - V34 Colour Corrector 🔥

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Say Goodbye to your yellow teeth! 🦷

We found the perfect shade of deep violet, that neutralises yellow.

✨RadiantPro™️ is the perfect non-invasive brightening solution designed to conceal those pesky yellow stains that you just can’t seem to keep away.

Want a daily brightener that works in 30-seconds? RadiantPro™️ is for you ✨

A fast brightening solution designed for daily use, the same way you would use a concealer for your skin.

How does RadiantPro works?

RadiantPro™️ uses Colour Correction Technology that Neutralises Yellow Tone of teeth Which Make it look more Whiter and Brighter. 

Instant White Teeth

Say goodbye to yellow stains from coffee, tea, or tobacco. RadiantPro™️ instantly cancels those stubborn undertones, giving you a visibly whiter smile.  

 All Natural Ingredients 

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